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"A Moment in the Sun," Updates, and my "Culture & Main" TV Appearance!

Hello, all...well, it's been a while as we in Pennsylvania have slowly but surely managed to dig ourselves out of one of the worst and most intense snowstorms (blizzards, if you like) in a long time. I won't belabor the point too much; suffice to say we pretty much made it through.

It's been extremely busy, as we work through and recover...finally, we see sunlight again, warmer temperatures, and maybe we can get rid of some of this.

An acquaintance of mine at my "Office" is sitting to my left in a business meeting. He's talking about ideas, and you know we all have so many when it comes to the things we want to get out.

We are one month and a day (more or less) away from the release of "A Moment in the Sun," March 1st, Sunbury Press Books.

Okay, got that out of the way...slowly we are working toward a series of readings, and appearances. One for certain will come in the days right after the release. Looking at a "First Friday" turn-up at Sunbury's store and art gallery in Mechanicsburg on March 4th. I'll be reuniting with Dan Shearer, my partner in the Dharma Fools for a combination of music, reading, and more. Gonna be a fun night.

There will be more of these, as I must get out and engage.

Now...a while back I taped a television spot for "Culture and Main," a long-running program on the York and Adams County public access systems. The show runs on other systems as well...Carla Christopher, York's own Poet Laureate asked me some very good questions, and I really enjoyed it.

Here's the episode:

Again, look and listen to examples of the great talent just in this area alone. Great to be a part of this. My thanks to Carla!

This is where we are...I am getting ready for the book to roll out, and much more to follow. A lot of patience required in this, but it's really happening.

I hope what you hear will interest you enough to take a chance on the I said, I hope for your entertainment, but I hope you feel something a bit more, a bit stronger from the work.

We'll see what happens, all we can do, right?

Peace, Out.


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