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Unique Reading/Signing/Music Events for "A Moment in the Sun"

Well, here we go! "A Moment in the Sun" is slated for release on March 1st, through Sunbury Press Books! We have received the ISBN numbers; you'll be able to order through, Amazon/Kindle, and fine indie shops...just ask for it, please!

Now, we are ramping up to do something I tried with my first book, "Parasite Girls." My partner in the Dharma Fools, Dan Shearer would play improvised guitar while I read, as part of our regular sets.

So what's going on? First, to shamelessly promote:

The story of Rei, a Japanese girl who has battled through homelessness and social isolation (hikikormori) to return to society. There's an online underground called the Dwellers, and her old friend, Sho, is now one of them.

Rei endeavors to bring him out...she must face her past, meet strange and intriguing people, and learn about herself. Her and Sho's friends do the same, and learn their misconceptions must change if they are to move forward.

There we are, in all our pride and glory! LOL! It's an old shot, but we've not changed that much! Anyway, our set will involve original and cover music, plus my readings from "A Moment..." -- the event will give you an experience you've probably never heard at a book signing!

Our events, so far:

Friday, March 4th, at Sunbury Press Books (Art Gallery), 105 S. Main Street, Mechanicsburg, PA, and we're on the card from 6-9 pm.

Saturday, May 7th, at The Rooted Artist Collective, 101 N. Newberry Street, York, PA, 6:30 pm.

Other dates to follow!

This is on the way...if you like young adult/crossover fiction, have an interest in anime/manga? Then this is for you...we are excited to get this going!

Keep us in mind, and we'll let you know what's going on...better yet, share/forward this to folks you might like.

You can reach me here for more info, or at

Peace, Out!

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