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Right Around the Corner...Book Release, Return to Rocky Horror, the Flu...and Other Fun Things...

Well, how is that for a beginning?

Yes, the good news first. We are just one weekend away from the official release of "A Moment in the Sun."

I received preview pages yesterday from Larry Knorr of Sunbury Press Books, and it looks great! "A Moment..." will be available starting on the 1st from, and orders can be made at indie shops, and also you can look for it on Amazon, book and Kindle versions.

I also have reading/signing/music events coming up. For the most part, my partner Dan Shearer and I in the Dharma Fools will perform a set of our original (mostly) music, plus Dan will improv on guitar while I read from the book. I think you will find this interesting, and I hope it makes you want to buy.

Here's where we'll be:

Friday, March 4: Sunbury Press Books (Art Gallery), 105 S. Market Street, Mechanicsburg, PA -- we'll be on the card with other authors, during a 6:30 to 9:30 pm event.

Friday, April 1: York Book Emporium, 343 W. Market Street, York, PA -- Starts around 6 or 6:30 pm. We will be part of an open mic sort of event, if I remember right. So us and a lot of great artists from the York area.

Saturday, May 7: the Rooted Artist Collective, 101 N. Newberry Street, York, PA -- 6:30 pm starter, and we'll be one of two artists on the card.

Gonna be fun! Other events coming.

I was back in Boston this past weekend, to do the Rocky Horror Picture Show with my old friends in the Full Body Cast.

Yes, I was once a member of this rapscallion crew, arrh! I was called out of retirement (you NEVER retire) to do my friend Linda's 20th anniversary show.

The old theater in Harvard Square is closed, sadly, now down at the 20-theater megaplex on Boston Common. Now, anyone who has ever driven in Boston knows what a pain in the dick it is to get anywhere in the city? Yeah, me not remembering much about the city made it fun, not. But I got there.

Only a few pics, but more will show up I guess. My makeup wasn't right, but we had a decent crowd, and a good night of old and new friends, and raising hell in the middle of the night!

I do wish I was back there. There are no broadcasting jobs left anymore, so where I am is where I will make a living for now. But...if lots of people buy the book, and I sell options, well, maybe...hmmmm....

I had an object lesson about stress, depression, and the usual health things going on. A big city probably is not best for me. Space is a thing I need to keep myself stable, but there's ways to make it work.

I am moving to Harrisburg in the near future. Those of you who have seen my videos and pictures (see Facebook) of the lands outside my home, well, they will soon be sold, and I must go.

The city will be fine. I think I will be all right there.

Boston. Ei, when I was little it was Mecca to New Englanders. It still is. I miss a lot, but so much has changed. Going back, does it make it any different or better? Don't know, at least not now.

Now, the last part of it all, THE FLU.

I am still recovering from the worst case of it I've ever had. I am very slow going, very tired, very out of it. My energy level is pretty low, and I'm often living on Monster to rehydrate and also keep some vitamins in me. That plus when I can eat. Anyone who's had this version of it, it does not let go.

Right when I have so much to do. But that's how it goes, and you keep going.

Anyway, I hope that we'll see each other soon. I am so excited about the book. I honestly hope you will be too.

Peace, Out.

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