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Among the Living...Getting Out

Well, another interesting night…I have experienced a couple of those days/nights, where after too long, I’m out and about…kind of.

One of the things we all have to do (and we don’t do enough of) is GET THE FUCK OUT and go do something different, or see something different.

Earlier this week, I was interviewed by a writer/critic for (yes, I write for ‘em, too, this is how we do it) for “A Moment in the Sun.” The possibility of getting press to promote the book is really big, because of the potential audience that will read the review, the interview, etc. The hopes are someone sees this, sees the potential, but also the potential of what else I have to offer.

And I got an intriguing perk: I was treated to a Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre matinee of…wait for it…


This show has become a monstrous franchise, shown all over the world. Four women on the backside of their lives meet in Bloomingdale’s, lots of music, revamped lyrics for classic songs, jokes, humor, etc.

Before an audience of pensioners. I was the youngest person in the place.

Well…I will say this…the performers were professionals…all could sing, and did their best with a very, dated, out of step production.

My friend’s review may not be kind to the concept. I’ll leave that to her.

New experience.

Then I got another one last night, which took me back a number of years. I spoke about “A Moment…” at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster before…wait for it…

The Anime Club.

Well, there was a bit before that. F&M is a really cool campus, and there’s this “brain thing” that I feel when I visit. Very intelligent brains, everywhere, and I tend to feel out of it when you wonder what everyone’s studying and the ideas and whatever else they’re doing.

But I was part of that when I went to school. We all had ideas, dreams, concepts and we were going out there to make that happen…right?

So there was a Magic: the Gathering Tournament in progress at the building I was brought to by Leslie, the head of the club. Been years since I’ve seen that, but the game is still going strong.

They had their own classroom for this, and before a few of the club I talked about the book, read from it, and so forth and so on.

Beyond the interest, the good questions and seeing a couple of episodes of “No Game, No Life,” I got a lot out of this.

The need to change, the need to move. I’m still getting my potential new house in line, in terms of what I need to do, and also what the agent, the bank, and whomever else gets involved must do.

The process just goes on, but I am thinking it is part of the necessary thing.

I have to move on.

I have to get out of where I’ve been 15 years, as much as I’ll miss it. The cave that I was in is going to be in a different place, and I need to engage the public. More. Much more.

I need to be among the living.

Now, what else happened?

So I sold a copy of “A Moment…” (thank you!)…and I’m on the weekend, no need to get up at 2 am, etc.

Sleeping in means I’m still up, out and about before most people’s eyes open. Which in a way is kinda cool, because you get a jump on everyone.

I’m in my soon-to-be-occasional Office. I get into a conversation with a regular, who saw me on TV. Yes, I did this little episode sometime back. She only saw a little of it, but it was enough.

We talked; she understood what “A Moment…” is about, she was in the same thing that a lot of us are in…

Think about this: getting out.


Moving out into the world again.

I’m being made to do this, and the lady had a point to make. She’d talked about a “sun room” in her house…

..there’s going to be ample light in the new place. I must make use of that…I will probably end up caving in that, but still, there’s great opportunity to do what I need to.

Yeah, folks, life, get out and into it!

Life goes on…use what we got.

Peace, Out.

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