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Live from the Cafe, what's it all about?

Well, let's try another font web host kindly allows me more options and I find it more fun to try different things. After staring at Bookman and Times New Roman for too long, you have to try.

Transpiring things...I visited Dan, my erstwhile fellow Dharma Fool over the weekend in York Hospital. Cellulitis has caught up with him, and they at least are looking after him. He was having problems walking and other issues, so thankfully he's going to be okay.

My recent blood work turned up potential...wait for it...TB?

Well, no. I am on a biologic drug for my illness. That suppresses my immune system, and so that leaves me open to infections and other stuff. Glad to report this has not occurred. The recent x-ray shows no such thing. I have to have the blood work once more to be certain. But I should be okay.

Fun, getting old.

My old Rocky Horror compadre Kevin Wynott is also ill. The cast is doing an all-star show this weekend to raise funds, and I have donated a copy of "A Moment in the Sun to the cause. I would like to have gone up, but time and money are the things that hold us all back.

Time. We are moving toward the release date for "Live from the Cafe." What is this weird little story about?

Here's what you might read if you picked the book up, and turned it over...

“What did you dream today?”

Harlandsville, Quebec—look up the definition of small town in a dictionary, and you’ll find its picture.

A one-stoplight village, Harlandsville doesn’t have a lot to offer, or so it seems. Old homes, an abandoned mill, a gas station, one Chinese takeout joint, and a former pub turned into a coffee shop. For the latter, one learns never to judge a book by its cover.

One step through the doors of Le Cafe, and you enter a world where the coffee is brewed one pot at a time through a strange machine, the pastries are homemade, and the music is a roadmap of Canada’s history.

Presided over by Luc, the son of one of Harlandsville’s most loved residents and his partner Emily, the cafe is home to natives and visitors alike. Where the coffee is strong, the spirit of friendship stronger, and where occasional strange (and famous?) characters show up to drink, hang out, and play music.

Small-town life, love, change, prejudice, pasts and futures are examined and experienced. The heartbeat of Harlandsville is right here. You never know who’ll show up, or what will happen next, Live from the Cafe..."

So how about that? Does that make you want to read it...I hope so.

The book is set to come out July 11 on Sunbury Press Books. My other works, well, you can click on the book icons on my site and get them easily. And of course, an obligatory promo shot:

I hope you find them of interest. So much more to do...hopefully you find this to your liking. I really would like to see the reaction of folks, to see if I'm on the right track.

Peace, Out.

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