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"Live from the Cafe" -- Final Cut, and Things

Well, it's been a while now hasn't it? So this is where we are...

As I write, I've embarked on a final edit of "Live from the Cafe," and hopefully we'll hit the release date of July 11th on Sunbury Press Books. Not to be weird, but that is the best place to order it from, and you can see where to get "A Moment in the Sun" by clicking on the "buy" link elsewhere on this site.

It's been a rare thing to blog, because I have been so busy, with the radio business, and that's dealing with the world of the Radio PA Network, and also producing sports for the Hershey Bears and the Harrisburg Senators.

As a homeowner, I more and more am reminded of the need to make money. Well, I certainly hope that "Live..." will spur you to buy, and see some of the work that has come out of me these past several years.

Finding a place to do a physical book signing is on my priority list...I hope to find spots in the Harrisburg and York areas; we have some appearances planned for later in the year around here, but the fun one will be my 30th reunion at Saint Joseph's College of Maine in July.

That will be fun. In so many ways. But yes, I'll be there to sign copies of "Live..." and all my works, and I'm looking at some other places up there as well.

I am going to keep refining the idea of presenting all this, and I must also shamelessly plug everything I have. You must talk, you must blog, you must do all the things.

But first and foremost, you have to write.

I had a most interesting meeting today...I have a lot of these. "Live..." is of course about that strange, odd, uncorporate little coffee place in the hamlet of Harlandsville, Quebec, where the coffee is strong, the personalities stronger, and the many who pass through to hang out and play music are mysterious...and famous

I think people will find an understanding in this story...of smalltown life, change, handling that, growing up, discovering life, love and coming to grips with the things (more things), that we need to do.

I had a meeting in my "office" this afternoon with a famous person:

Nice guy...very observant, he noticed my books out for shameless plugging!

We talked about the upcoming season of the new show, and it's taken off. The release, the expanse, the distribution...this is the kind of door-opening I must one day get hold of.

I'm going to keep pushing buttons, and if need be, I will kick in the doors. I see the film, anime, graphic novel possibilities in all my work, and I keep at that.

There is so much more...Mitch Bentley, my cover artist has not yet shown me what he has, but it's all good.

I think what will come from this...there is no give-up in me, and my eye is to get "Live..." into your hands.

The thing is, and I may digress...getting the physical book into any shop is hard, very hard. If you don't have a big imprint, a track record, or someone/thing giving you the big push, getting into stores, even indies, is tough.

They stock what they can sell. Pure and simple.

So let's get the views up...I don't like asking people to make things go viral, but I will be asking. Look at it, share it, talk it up...somehow or other, the story of Harlandsville, the cafe owners, their friends and people, is one you will recognize and remember.

Not that I remember all of mine, but there's enough there that you will go there, and go back home perhaps. Not always a bad thing.

So yeah, I must do the thing. Now.

Talk to you soon.

Peace, Out.

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