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Interviewing Others, Being Interviewed, and Shameless Promotion

So yeah, I guess you can see there's going to be a bunch of me discussing, flogging and considering lots of random things in this blog. I know folks who blog every day, and I also am aware that some do make money doing that sort of thing.

I've never grasped how people actually do that, and I don't want this site turning into one giant pile of clickbait shit. I also am not the kind of person who will sit and wait through a 60-second commercial for a 15-second video.

Making this blog now, as I've just finished an interview with a friend of mine, Gene Dante, who has lots of fun things going on. Let's first consider...

That got your attention, didn't it?

Just did an interview with Gene Dante, whose voice you heard on that clip. This is one of the offerings of Damnation 2017, a quirky film festival that is doing some screenings up in Maine.

I'm writing an article on him for an art magazine in New York, called PopImpressKA Journal, and I was thinking about some of the odd interviews I've conducted over the years.

I have sat down with a lot of interesting characters in my life. Here is a bit of one of my favorites, from 2015. Just two people in an empty theater after a show in Maryland:

The other side of it is being interviewed, and for the most part it is not that much different. You can feel the questioner's confidence, their preparation level, and so forth.

I also find myself being a lot more mindful of what I say, than being who I usually am. Guess I'm trying to be more polite...

I have not been able to find it, but there exists an interview somewhere that Sylvia Plath conducted with a feminist author, I think...cannot remember offhand, but there, from both ends is someone who did both sides.

We generally find ourselves doing that, although once usually takes precedence over the other.

Yeah, right. Now here is one way I'm shamelessly promoting things...

Watch this while you can, because I don't know how long it'll be up. Well, you don't have to watch, 'cause there's not much to see, but me, a bare wall, and Sofia, but she's a show in herself.

I am considering all this, because after finally finishing a rough draft story called "The Feels," I have to finish messing with it, promoting "Live from the Cafe," and getting to the next one.

Heh. Got that one in.

Yes, as I'd said in an earlier blog, Brown Posey Press is now the fiction imprint for Sunbury Press Books.

My works are there, "Live from the Cafe," and "A Moment in the Sun," and the next will come in 2018, my young adult/time travel/music thing, the "Sweet Dreams Series."

That is a story I'll get int more detail about later, but time is of the essence, isn't it always.

My talk with Gene, it really was more that, it gave me a bit more instruction and perspective of being what we must be, not the expedient of what people thing we should be, or what appears to be sensible.

None of us are sensible. We're mad. All mad.

Talking about Plath earlier, I came across an album of her reading a bunch of her works, and that voice, so stern, so serious, older sounding than she should be, and driven to become something.

This is interesting:

1962 yes, but the things she talks about are the same forces that drive all of us.

We are driven to do these things, because we don't to spend our lives not being ourselves, not being what we want, and not exercising our self-determination.

Yes, there are things we need to tend to, responsbilities, but they can go hand in hand if we make them.

I've seen too many people recount the old stories over and over again, or say they're going to do something and never do it.

I do. Rather I'd go and fail than be a liar to myself.

An odd way to go out, but needless to say I keep writing, and I keep working at it.

There is no stopping Plath noted, I too feel a sense of satisfaction when I get something done that's worth it.

I just hope my books as the full example make a difference with you.

If we don't see each other again, Joyous Samhain.

Peace, Out.

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