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The Brown Posey Press Show, w/Dennis Clausen

Let us try this way...from the typewriters, keyboards, pen and paper, comes the latest of a series of shows I've hosted for my publisher, Brown Posey Press.

The show is, well, what do you think it's called? One of the imprints of Sunbury Press Books, I've hosted this show through the BookSpeak Network, and it runs on Blog Talk Radio.

Here is my latest episode, with fellow author Dennis Clausen, whose latest is The Sins of Rachel Sims.

I believe you will find this a fascinating and interesting program. I proceeded to talk another hour with Dennis afterwards! Wonderful man; an educator for many years, great to listen to and to speak with.

It makes me feel pretty good about my own track.

The audio quality I'll warn you is a bit off; analog sounding, crunchy at times, but I think you'll enjoy it.

A friend once said it sounded like an old forgotten radio that was found and turned back on...a warm and welcoming sort of feeling.

Well, I hope you enjoy it, and listen in on the other shows, my own and fellow hosts and authors.

Peace, Out.

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