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Into the Void...

This will be a very meandering type of assessment, brought on by months of foot to the floor madness, coupled with the attitude that says I'm largely way past the point of giving a shit.

I'm sad to say a two former colleagues left us recently. Former Radio PA reporter Ray Smith was here at the network before me, but I spoke to him now and then. Nice guy; very sad he left too young.

Even sadder, a Rocky Horror compadre went too soon. I won't say much about this, apart that Jeannette was a friend, a fun perform to perform with, and didn't give a shit what anyone thought. Perfect for the show.

Only in her early 40's, I knew Jeannette had health issues, but I did not know the extent of them. I'll remember her fondly; even if she did keep hitting on me at every turn!

RIP, Jeannette; you were always my friend, and you were smarter than most gave you credit for.

As you may know, I'm opting NOT to have my rotator cuff operated on. I just don't want to do it, nor do I have time. I will resume PT, and do some work, and see if I can get it back, without too much pain or discomfort.

It's not that bad, really; I have had much worse done to me. Anyone around me in 1994-96 during my accident/operation/illness can attest.

Speaking of death, heh.


Searching for Roy Buchanan is in editing stage. The first of the Sweet Dreams Series will come along eventually. It is better, tighter, and will be a good start. Years after the fact, but we needed that time.

I'm rewriting the sequel, but I'm not sure what to do. Call it Love may be changed; not sure yet, but there's more to write, more to explain, to see, and do. It will work, I'm just wishing it came faster.

Numerous books and stories await us. My mind is working on a new one, but I have many to go back to and rewrite and bash at again.

Oh, if you have not heard:

This is the latest installment of my itinerant radio program for the BookSpeak Network. The shows have been pretty decent; a real learning experience, and I hope you'll check them out.

Got my talk show skills back. But no screaming, no conspiracy theories, no name-calling, no Bullshit!

Are we clear?

The authors I've had on have really given me a new learning experience, because we are all so different. Our methods and drives are different, but we all want to produce and make things happen.

If I can promote myself, and help a fellow author out, I will.

The music program on Wednesdays is still doing well, and fun. DJ`Riff gets to entertain at

Now...a lot of good music coming in blues-wise, and eventually I'll get over to the other things that interest me, plus working on my own.

Too much to do right now, and as usual, not enough money. Oh well...I could care less.

I'm on a road trip to New England next weekend, so if you want to see me, let me know. In Boston Saturday to see my old friend Sara and check out Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters, then to Maine once more to see family and others. Got some scouting to do as well.

OK, awaiting a guest...must go, see ya.

Peace, Out.

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