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Preliminary Cover Reveal...

...But you gotta come here to look at it...heh.

Well, well...2018 has had its final round, and left the keys for 2019 to drive. This has been one long year, for a whole lot of reasons.

I won’t make a big deal out of this, but for one thing...or two.

It’s time to hit that thing...I found this book in a shop, and normally I don’t write things down much anymore, but of late I’ve had reason to do it.

My hands were losing the technique, and in an effort to remember things, I’m resolving merely to write down more, and remember where I wrote it down. I think that’s reasonable.

Now, I’ve also been getting ready to make this year the year for the new book...

I’ve talked about this for too many years, have written, rewritten, fixed, discarded, added new scenes and done my best to fit into a different society.

Finally, very soon, “Searching for Roy Buchanan” will make its first appearance in the world...

So, about that cover...preliminary...wait for it...

Wait for it a little more...

How about that?

Mitch Bentley has done it again...explore the universe, go back in time and space and follow Aki and the gang as she discovers her skills, her voice, and learns of the power of music.

Brown Posey Press will have it in the near future. Nearly 12 years since I came up with the concept, and written numerous stories, pieces, etc., you will finally get it.

I’m going to be out there, pushing it, signing it, and I hope for your support. This has so much more potential than just a book, but I feel that way for all things I write.

I’m in a good place, and I am optimistic that finally we’re getting somewhere. It’s always taken time, but that’s what I’ve got.

Hope you like what you see, and what you will read.

See you in ’ borrow a phrase, “let’s make it a great one.”

Peace, Out.

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