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The Search, and a New Series, Begins...

It has begun...oh, yes it has.

Well, in case you haven’t been around for a couple of days...

...wait for it...


I found out that “Searching...” was officially released on the Brown Posey Press website at about 3 in the morning.

Let’s just say a feeling of euphoria hit me that you feel after something amazing has occurred. So that blast of social media posts that you woke up to Thursday morning, yeah, well, that’s where it came from.

You never lose the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a lot of hard work, and you know you put the work in, and made it happen.

It didn’t happen without support, and a lot of help. You’ll have to read the credits for some of that...heh.

Where can you buy it?

So, now everything kicks into overdrive. I have to set up the book launch event, which will be soon, and start setting up the other events, and the places that I hope will take my books, etc., etc., and etc.

Either way, wow.

Just. Fucking. Wow.

I started writing this book in 2007. I had a bunch of weird ideas about time travel, Japan, anime, and blues music.

Roy Buchanan’s name, and the title came to my brain. I don’t know how, or why. But it did.

There are reasons for these things. I don’t know what they are, and I’ll never be able to fathom them.

But I did it. Damn.

This is my fourth book, and third for Brown Posey Press. There are at least two more in the series, and then it’s going to sit down and take a break. Mostly so Aki and the gang can grow up a bit.

I’ll see if I can find this interesting video to add. A while back, the WildSound Festival in Canada had an actress do a dramatic reading of my opening.

Rachel Rain Packota was the actress, and I thought she did it very well.

Now...what am I doing?

This next weekend, March 1stthrough 3rd, I will be at Cleveland Concoction. It is a weekend of books, authors, gamers, and who knows what else.

I will be on a series of panels, and moderating one discussion on Friday night.

The books are not going to be sold by us, per se. There is a “store,” run by volunteers, and they will stock and store our works, and sell them for us.

Hmmm. This could be fun.

I’ll see my good friend Olivia Berrier there, and I’m certain to make new author/gamer friends. Fun indeed.

Road trip!

Now...I just hope I have my books in time.

Ah, the fun.

I placed an order that very morning for the books. I do not know if they’re going to get to me before I shove off for Ohio.

Probably gonna be close, but that’s how it goes (thanks to my publisher for putting a rush on it).

Had an interesting conversation this morning; a person I produce a show for has two daughters into music. He’d asked about that aspect; he thinks they’d be interested.

If you like young adult/new adult, time travel, or music, or all of these, we have a ride for you!

It feels good. I hope to open the doors to new readers, a new audience, and get to the next level.

The next step is now.

Peace, Out.

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