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"On the streets and talkin' outta my head..."

That's about the size of it. I stole a line from Nick Gravenites for that.

Sunday morning is not coming down, but headed upwards here. I'm to the west, at Cleveland Concoction, a very unique annual gathering of authors, gamers, cosplayers, creatures and peoples.

The "Cons" as people call them are a thing I've not been able to do much of. I may or may not have the time I need this year, but then again, I may just say fuck it, and do more of them.

I got into #clecon through my friend author friend Olivia Berrier, author of "The World that Forgot How to Dance," and other interesting novellettes. That her's term. You can do it for free, if you agree to sit on panels.

That's easy. So we're actually in Aurora, Ohio, and I'n staying nearby in a flatland of strip malls, hotels, convenience stores, etc. Then I have to drive through a country club and a big horse farm to get to the place.

Interesting...there were some really nice homes, but nothing I'd want to live in. Matter of taste. Anyway, Ohio is rather like the part of Pennsylvania that time forgot, which is most of it. But everyone's been really nice, so all good.

My social media has some of the photos and videos of the action. The Cons are good for many things: books, and a mini-store for our works, which is pretty neat. That gives you time to roam around the hotel complex and see what trouble you can get into.

A lot of rooms were booked for the con, and I should consider it next time, if not for the pricetag. I assume renovations are going to be in order after they clear out.

The authors are a unique and interesting bunch. A lot of sci-fi, fantasy and niche writers. Authors are taking genres and turning them into their own damn thing. I confess to feeling a bit out of place on the shelves.

But the creative freedom is very cool. The cosplayers, I'm seeing a lot of Federation officers (how do all people wearing Federation uniforms rate an officer's commission? Where the hell is the crew?)

One room was devotes to an impressive interactive game called the USS Artemus. That was pretty cool; computer consoles, game stuff, and you can fly through the universe and battle enemies, dump supplies, and all that.

I somehow was made moderator of the panel on coming up with characters, which turned out well. We got small, but nice turnout for things like these. I also sat with Olivia on the NSFW panel, and that was interesting. Also fun.

Olivia joined a panel for novellas, and I shot video of this for her. The mindsets of writing shorter stories, what moves people in that direction, and also the parts that matter for the authors.

I don't think it really matters the length of your stories, as long as they are right for you.

Before I get into some more of this: I also saw a cool little ad hoc panel with a fellow who portrays HP Lovecraft onstage and Youtube...he was joined by filmmaker Jim O'Rear and a maker of many things, Steven Hickman. Nice guys, and a very interesting talk about horror. I'm not a fan, but I liked what I was hearing about the origins of the genre, and how it's changed...apparently not for the good.

My hotel has been dire. Econo Lodge...don't. Just don't.

They are worse than I recall.

The room was nice, really it was, but suddenly the entire plumbing system shit the bed. I don't know how literally. But I and at least one other guest had to be moved because there was NO ONE to fix anything.

I actually walked about the building to try and find a fucking plunger. No such luck.

But they moved me without issue (I feel bad for the workers), and that room had a barely working toilet, water that never got above lukewarm and the faucet was coming out of the wall. Nice.

You don't get what you pay for.

But the bed is comfy, the TV works and the shades make it DARK.

I don't sleep much anymore. My sleep is mostly a couple hours at best, constantly waking with ideas or OMG AM I LATE TO WORK?!?

I will say that the 5 hour drive out here in shitty weather was pretty good for the thought processes, and I do appreciate a good road trip. Especially, alone.

I do not do well in group settings, and I don't want fellow travelers to have to put up with me.

I also need to think.

The crash into a depressive state came after a book signing Saturday. I sold all of one copy of my first, "Parasite Girls," which people seem to like. I ran into the mother of two Furry girls who bought it and she was reading it. She likes it.


Very tired, and I didn't want to leave my room until the lack of a plunger and no maintenance personnel made me leave. Found a wondrous Mexican restaurant (Don Patron) and I paid for two meals (the other is for later).

So today...I read for the hangover express at 10 am from "Searching for Roy Buchanan," and do another signing.

Here is hoping.

The book is out, people really seem enthused by the premise and the cover. I have misgivings about things that went wrong, and for which I am still internally steamed about.

But...worse has been done. The front is great, the inside is right as it should be, and this first edition may be worth something one day.

I'm concerned about my future outside writing, but I also find I don't give too much of a shit. I have a couple of plans, and I have to hope work (if I have any) will permit me to fulfill commitments.

I'm doing a house party next Sunday to read and hopefully sign things...I do Dauphin County Library on April 7th, SciValley Con in June and possibly am headed to Maine that month as well.

Here is hoping.

The new book is there, at and Amazon.

Check it's the one that really made it all happen.

Peace, Out.

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