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Searching for Roy B., and a Sense of Sanity...

Well, it's time for another look at all that's transpired in the past several weeks, or is it months? I assume you've noticed I don't blog as much as I used to. I've never been good at journaling, or diaries, or things like that. It's interesting to think that when you read the diaries of others, they show more about themselves than they ever did in any of their works. You'd think they might show you that in what they publish.

Perhaps the darker places are meant for books not meant to be published, and yet here they are. When you think of the hours spent writing down people's days, incidents, thoughts and ideas, you get a lot more, if you can get through it.

Sometimes, it feels like a diary is used to justify what a person is doing, or not doing. I don't feel the need to justify anything, at least not to myself.

So where have I been? Well, the last few months, really have been a state of work, more work, more work, and even more work. Along with trying to actually do the things that are required to keep my writing career going.

Let's see where we are now...

Now that's a beginning...the book is out, did I mention that? "Searching for Roy Buchanan" did indeed come out on Brown Posey Press, and at, along with other such outlets. Response has been positive, and I now hope that buyers will take the time to let me know what they thought, and perhaps leave a review somewhere.

Reviews are big, people. We need them, good or bad. Those count toward recommendations, so I cannot stress enough to you that your thoughts and opinions are not only valid, they are required if we're ever gonna get anywhere.

There are things one must do to get the word out, and that includes getting your ass out before the dreaded public. A while back, I appeared at a house party in Jim Thorpe, hosted by my friend Michael Cloren, who runs the Penn's Peak music venue. He let me read from the book between sets by a great band called Mississippi Heat. I got good response and applause, and Michael said some awfully nice things about me, and my "get" of the blues.

I made sales, good ones...I'm most thankful.

Locally, I did the annual local author's event at the Dauphin County Library here in Harrisburg. I benefited from being right at the front desk, so people saw me. I was able to pitch to some nice folks, and I guess I did okay in terms of selling.

But the thing is, do people go to the library to buys books? Didn't think so. But you do what you can.

I may have talked about the recent Cleveland Concoction appearance, which was incredible fun, and I'll do it again for certain.


Yes, I'm going to Sci Valley Con in Altoona in June, and this should be a lot of fun. A little of everything at this event, and I'll be down in the authors section. Not sure where, but I anticipate a fun, semi-lost weekend!

I've also been booked to an annual event in Maine...yes, you gotta go places. But this is easy.

Books in Boothbay is an annual, one-day event that will be the last Saturday in July, in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. I know it well: my family vacationed from the 70's onward near there, and the trip to the harbor for the boat tours and touristy things was a must.

I'm part of the festival this year; I think at least I will see a lot of old friends up there, along with some of the family.

How about more recent things?

This past week I took a little trip east, when I was able to get away from work (more on that later)...first order of business...

NO, not quite!

Hookah Matata is the name of this interesting little place of purveyance in West Chester. I used to work here 18 years ago, for a radio station that is now owned by the Catholic Church.

Doug Stirling, an old colleague from there moved up the street to a storefront radio station, WCHE. This station was just kind of "there," but no one knew if there was a there, there.

There is now. I thought one of my recent jobs was a throwback in gotta see this one:

I want to apologize to Doug and the back of his head. That was the best shot I could get while he was on the air and not make too much noise.

A tiny little pair of studios, doors open, and throwback gear (mostly), but I ended up on the Morning Magazine show, and surprisingly Doug and the gang talked to me for nearly 45 minutes! We talked about the new books, writing, the business of it all, and also about the changes to a network I'm part of, that is really a needful thing we're finding across the state.

Again, more later. Doug and everyone were wonderful, and I was happy to do it.

The hookah shop was closed when I got in, and it's not my thing, but looks like a happening thing in West Chester. 18 years ago, that would never have flown.

So then, it was back in the car, and a ride into Philadelphia. Springsteen's song crossed my mind as I rolled in from the south, past the shipyards, the industrial areas, and into the city.

Say what you will, but Philly is a city with guts, and a drive to keep on going, no matter what the fuck is going on, inside or out of it. My goal today was this place:

Amalgam Comics is also a cafe, and I had lunch while scoping out the shop. To the right is even more...a big, open space that has been converted to a very cool comic shop and eating spot.

The place has gained a reputation: the owner, Ariel won a grant to start her business. I didn't meet her, but I did meet one of her right hands, a young lady named Marisol. She schooled me a little on how to promote and "event," as it were.

Great place...I will eventually be doing a signing and perhaps reading here in Philly. If you know the city, you will find it. If not, you need to find it. Whether you dig comics or not, you'll enjoy the whole experience.

I also navigated the city a little, in search of other bookstores. Two were closed and looked abandoned. Okay...

...I also found Treehouse Books, a free bookshop. I left them a copy of "Searching..." -- this sound like something from the 60's, but the shop is free books, they take and give. Also, it's home for kids after school and they do programs there. All nonprofit. Very cool.

Now, back to here:

I had not planned to do a lot of these semi-selfie picks. I have an issue with people who post everything they eat, drink, read and shit, etc. But I see why we do it.

Well, that's the fun the serious part.

I'm significantly burned out. Circumstances in the radio business have led to changes, and while inevitable, some come harder than others.

Last year, I learned the Radio Pennsylvania Network was about to close. Our owner/operator was phasing us out, as a business decision, and we would not be folded into the existing operation.

So it's job hunt...then a new owner popped up. The owner of the Maryland network took over, and we did the transition on Monday.

The network provides a lot of stuff! News, sports, audio, public affairs, etc. This content is needed like you'd not believe by stations that are committed to local/regional news content. WCHE's people made that clear to me.

The past year, I have been working like mad, to do both news and sports in the morning drive. I was not supposed to have a job, anymore than after Monday.

Well, I did fill in as a sports person this week, and it went pretty well. I'm being kept on to fill in, and also to bring back a long-form weekly roundup program, "Radio Pennsylvania Roundtable."

Good. I like our new boss a lot, the new platform is fast, efficient, and we're going to in the long run be able to provide a lot to the affiliates, and there will be more of those.

Right now, I'm concerned the growing pains may unnerve those who are afraid of change, or who have a thing for routine. Those adjustments will be made. You have to. You can't just sit there and bitch about it.


I also landed significant work at Lebanon Valley Broadcasting. Two stations, WQIC-FM is using me as the night announcer (voice tracking, but that's okay), producer of remotes, and other things.

The AM station, WLBR is full service, news, talk, etc. I've been doing news over there.

The gear is old, the station is old, the feeling is you walk back in time. But the stuff works, and there's an area that needs serving that is not being covered by the creeping beast of the internet, wi-fi, and all that.

And...iHeart Radio Harrisburg is keeping me for Bears games and weekend stuff.

And...the Harrisburg Senators have hired me as an occasional producer. We work out of Cumulus, but the team pays me.

Another of the Very Big Radio Corporations of America. Got to connect with some old colleagues, which was nice.

So what's this mean?

I'm a jobber. This is what I've done much of my career, I'm again running about, doing what hours I can, getting what money I can, trying to pay the bills, and having to figure out how on earth I'm going to get insurance.

How it goes.

The burnout is real. I'm not physically or mentally 100%, as the past months have shown what they can do to me. The rotator cuff injury, and then that accident in December have not helped.

I'm doing what I have to, and I'm not terribly worried yet. I have to keep going, and somehow not let something occur that leads to a monstrous wipeout.

We are all in the same boat, aren't we? So if you don't hear from me much, this is why.

The book thing is what drives me, because that is a distant thing, yet one that should lead to my name getting more "out there."

You can help with that. If buying is not your thing, you can find my work by requesting it from your library; your reviews are a big help, beyond belief.

See you when I do...Peace, Out.

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