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The Labyrinths We Create for Ourselves

The title for my latest, non-writing, non-editing, non-work, non-anything came just now. I was having trouble as usual getting the blog to behave itself, as I'm not very tech savvy, and then thought of the book I finished last night.

I shut everything off last night to get some sleep and also to read something not my own. I have this big stack of books on my dresser, and with every one I read and put on my shelf (or give away), I get two more.

The General in His Labyrinth I finished last night. How appropriate in our current time: Simon Bolivar, stumbling through his former empire toward the coast, headed into exile and death. A sad affair: riding along with the few loyal followers and hussars to protect him, the General stumbles to the end of his life. Railing like a madman, plotting new campaigns, meeting old friends and loves, moments of clarity interspersed with childish petulance, and the graphic details of the sickness that is laying waste to his mind and body.

Bolivar dies a slow, pathetic death, but seems to hang on in order to go through the torture, in a slightly masochistic vein. Marquez is brilliant in his descriptions, his details and the need to dress up the mad one, as he has in other works, in order for you to see the Emperor is in fact unclothed.

I have others to read, and more to write.

So far, Searching for Roy Buchanan has had a slow growth; I don't have sales figures, but we topped the Brown Posey Press chart for two months, so I guess a local hit?

Someone is buying it on Amazon, which is cool. I hope more do, as I feel we are stepping off into a world that is nowhere near finished in my mind.

The follow-up of what will be a trilogy is being redone, and redone again. The third will put a hold on the series as I work on various arcs, and try to find artists, to do manga or graphic novel work, and also the ever-present screenplay thing...

I have a friend in the business who wants to talk that...that could be promising.

Again, I must be patient. I head to Sci Valley Con in Altoona next month, and that should be fun. A way to get out of here for a bit, and meet my peers. Don't expect to sell much, but to make friends and contacts, always those.

My York book launch at the Emporium was a small success financially, but big to see two old friends back in the states once more. We are slowly moving forward, despite all setbacks.

Work is putting me on the jobbers' track; I have a total of four jobs right now, with two giving me work, and two more there to help. I have to do it all, and right now, as always the case.

I'm ready to get up and get moving, as the holiday will keep me busy, and the next steps must be taken.

I'll have more reports as I take in more material for a future project.

Always this, heh:

Let's get on with it...Peace, Out.

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