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Sci-Fi Valley Con (reports from the road)

Well, let us blog, live from the wilds of Western Pennsylvania, to see what we'll see and hear. I'm at Sci-Fi Valley Con, where devilry (urr!) fun holds forth for the next three days.

The Alliance is not taking your shit.

I've never been to Altoona; it was quite funny to hear my colleague say, "I've never heard anyone say they're pumped to go to Altoona."

Yeah, I guess that's the case. I haven't been to anything since Cleveland Concoction earlier this year. Now with "Searching for Roy Buchanan" a little more released and the cover issues taken care of, here we are invading the convention center.

Something I've been doing is traveling and sort of viewing what I see and storing it for a coming story. One of the characters does a lot of road-running, and I need that for part of what's going on.

I tend to travel light, with minimal stuff. I like to set up and tear down quickly, but for many this is a big business, as you’ll see. I’ve nearly been struck twice by falling frameworks today, to give you an idea.

Table C9, if you're here.

"This place has everything...” for the next three days, collectables of every kind are on sale, and I’ll add a few bits of the mad things we shall see.

Handmade, yes they are. The voices of Pinky & the Brain will be here, Mark Pellegrino, the one and only Billy West as well...should be fun.

I won’t have much time to shop, nor do I have the money, but I did a lot of walking about, and ran into various other authors and artists.

I met my friend Invader Gaya; really nice young lady who does unique art and music. We are one big dysfunctional family, and it’s already fun.

This is what I have to do, to get my work out there, and open the doors to new audiences. This is also incredible fun, did I mention that?

I’ll have more from the road as we go.

Peace, Out.

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