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Days 2 & 3 of Sci-Fi Valley Con the hangover lifts, we are finishing off the long weekend of Sci-Fi Valley Con. Pictures of the exhibitionism follow here...

Cosplay, baby...

"Oi, Mate, can I bum a Silk Cut?"

He dropped by him.

Oh, my...


And some more...

Hm...they teamed up?

...and a Cat Baby!,'s been a pretty exhausting run, but I've met old and new friends. I've been across the aisle from fellow New Englanders, including the Mother of the Goblin King!

Inside joke.

Well, again, it's been a good networking event, and well worth the time...I may have one final report, but needless to say, if you've never been to a con, think of it as a big-ass flea market with very original, collector's item material and cool people.

I also scored two of Sharky's CDs, including Elvis Chicken.

I've had fun. See ya.

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