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All this will fade...

Okay, this is another attempt at posting an inexcusably cheap blog on a site that is more trouble than it is worth, but again, I'm turning into the very thing I don't want to be this time of year.

I can't even remember what I posted last time, but that was probably not a good thing for you to read. Or anyone, for that matter.

Suffice to say, this time of year is very difficult for me, but not the reasons you might think. When the seasons change, and the days grow darker, I can feel the shift in my psyche, and it's not good overall.

It is good for my creativity, because my mind rushes ahead with numerous ideas, but again, only the good ones tend to stick around. If they do, that means they have something good going for them.

The thing that brings uncertainty for many is change, and the fear of it. I don't have a problem with it, but I do have wish for whatever the change will be to just get on with it, and good fucking luck to everyone else on that.

One thing I've noticed, especially this year, is a lack of change, and that fear manifest in others. So many are too comfortable in their positions, and they want things to stay the same, always the same and must never, ever change, or things will go terribly wrong.

We can't always have that. We cannot always make our environment so perfect, that it will never do that. I think some people around me will face change, one they never expected to occur. I'm not sure how they will handle it.

I have to accept it, but I'm more of a mind of get going, tell me what it is, and let me decide if I want a part of it.

I have too much else to do in 2020, than to remember the good old days, which died a long fucking time ago. Too many are too interested in keeping things as they were, and living back there.

You have already been left behind. I'm behind when it comes to modern technology, but at least I have an understanding of it.

Anyway, I have to look ahead to things that must be dealt with. I have to force change, as well, my own.

I have too much to leave alone. Somehow, it'll get moving.

Where are we now? Well, "Searching for Roy Buchanan" is nearly nine months of release. The grand design has shown itself to be good, if not better than I thought. Translation to sales, well, that's not there, yet.

Ideas are on the horizon for it, and the series. The sequel will be next year, and there's much more to do.

I had a book appearance with fellow authors in Maryland, and that was good, because I went someplace I'd never been before. More of that, find what works, etc. Go from there.

I'm trying to fight off what really is wearing on me. All this must fade, to borrow a phrase...

At this point, a very welcome return, and the postscript on an exceptional career. If anything, it gives me an eye toward what I've done, but what is coming.

Much more, to be sure.

I have a speaking engagement today, which should be fun, before students. I might get to work more with that generation in the near future, which would be cool.

Then what else? The next project, the promotional side, the business.

Recently, I had the chance to interview Vanessa Collier, a very talented musician, who is also amazingly kind and has no ego. She is wearing many hats, with a self-released recording, and doing everything at once. She has boundless energy, and I have to respect that.

Need to find mine. Part of that is to move a few things out. We'll see about that...when the change that everyone fears kicks in, then I can make my own decision about proceeding.

That's it. That's all. I got nothing else, but this.


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