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AnimeCon Preview, OC, Etc.

Back on the road we are once again. Well, it is convention season, I suppose, and again I've chosen carefully based on what I'm capable of doing, time, money, and all that fun stuff.

I had a successful Cleveland Concoction event; while sales were not stellar, they were better. Good to see old friends, had a really good set of interviews which I turned into a podcast. You can find that at the News/Events tab.

Now we are here...

I noticed that the OC free paper had a feature on this, and well it should. The Powell Convention Center is the host, and I'll have pics from that as we go along. I'm excited at the potential for this one.

When you think Ocean City, you think the Boardwalk, the ocean of course and the potential for tourist stuff. I've never been here, and I'd only made one visit to the Eastern Shore, which was a long time ago.

I was reminded why I don't miss the drive through Maryland to DC from my XM days. Traffic was pretty bad, and the nor'easter didn't help. I drove through a car wash for quite some time. Saw some really nice farmlands, and some very intriguing tourist spots, and got to look over the Chesapeake Bay as I went. So not bad at all.

A word about don't really know your luck. There's a lot of them down here, and I was taking a chance on an inexpensive sort of place. Well, I got one right off the beach.

This is a pretty good view, I would say. Heavy wave action and a lot of rain into the night here. I will need to get out there.

I like my room...lots of...amenities.

Yeah. Vegan hair and body stuff in a hotel such as this. Very nice. I must find this stuff. Anyway I slogged through the storm to get to the convention center and I will be offering more pictures starting tomorrow.

Table 602, Saturday and Sunday. The event is being held in the 2nd floor ballroom. There are some high-volume dealers here, and it takes hours for some of these folks to set up! I'm doing almost all of mine when I go in the morning. Serious business.

I'm not sure how I will do, but I'm certain to make some new friends, do some networking, and finally just get away from work for a couple of days.

So we'll see what happens. If you don't know what I have, check the Books tab, and I will have all those for you, and a deal on the Sweet Dreams Series.

Peace, Out.


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