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#animeoceancity Day 1, & a Book Signing

Let's is late at night, and it's not like I've really done anything since Anime Ocean City wrapped for the first day of the event. I have been busy with fixes, cleanup, billing, and all the other things that make a business run.

So what have we accomplished? Well, first of all, I will say a few things about Ocean City...there are not so many people here yet, but with the weather finally turning out okay, there was enough preseason activity to get vacation staff ready for the worst.

Now how about the place?

No shit. Now the volunteers and staff at the Powell Center who came together for this are well organized, do an excellent job, and we have been treated very well. The center does some pretty big events, and most of us have used the giant freight elevator to get to the 2nd floor. The ten-ton rule for the elevator is in effect.

The print of great interest by Lovely Lady Artist...yeah, I bought it.

Make Me Your Waifu is their business name, with all your Otaku/Waifu needs. Go look up the word if you don't get it.

Not the best pic of me...I think we fixed this one before I used it on Facebook. I was right in the middle of the room, with dealers, a pro photographer, artists, collectible vendors, and a couple of special guests.

The vibe of the convention should be a safe place to cosplay, have fun, be yourself, etc. But always ask before you click...everyone was totally cool. Who some of these folks are, I have no idea...

Elvis never left the building! And E's a She! Coolness!


Two of the character on the right were seen...again, don't know them, but nice people.

TTREX is their group name; lot of really cool prints and artwork.

Cosplay contestants and there were many more than these. Who won the events, I don't know.

So how'd I do? Okay; I made some sales, got a few people interested, to the point I hope they see them or their friends tomorrow. People dug the Sweet Dreams Series vibe; one person said, "Why are these not a movie yet, or on Netflix?"

Why indeed? Well, anyone with an agent connection to Netflix, let me know!

It was also brought home to me, I eventually need to do more of these and get further afield. At this stage of the business (the one that pays my bills), I'm not sure when I can get there. More on that in a sec.

We wrapped at 5 pm, and that gave me time to get to the hotel. The Boardwalk runs right behind my hotel, so I took a little walk.

The ocean looks angry, awesome waves, and while warm enough for a few people to undress to get early rays, not many takers, and no one in the water. Nothing against the OC, but...this is a tourist haven.

Lots of t-shirt, clothing, swim, surf and junk shops...and lots of restaurants. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I think I'm too old for this part of it. Just didn't interest me.

I have found some excellent takeout joints though (4 Seasons and Tugo's Pizza, I'm lookin' at you!), right now my window's open and I can hear the ocean which is pretty cool.

I'm pretty wrecked after one day. One more tomorrow, 11 am to 4 pm and then it's back up the road and back to work late Sunday. Can't complain, I got here. I'm glad I did it.


Yes, it came through. I will be signing all my books at Barnes & Noble in Camp Hill, PA on Saturday, 6/3. I believe we'll go at 1 pm but that's not form. They're doing them again, and I will be there--so happy it's finally going to go down.

Okay, I need to wind the fuck down. Another day tomorrow.

Peace, Out.


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