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Cleveland Concoction, Day 2: Harps, Cosplayers, and Girl Scouts, oh my...!

Well, another day has passed on CleCon, and it was another long one. I've been busy writing (editing, actually) when I was not engaged on panels, walking about, and getting lots of interviews for an upcoming podcast.

There's Cassandra Morgan, fellow author and I've had the fun on being on panels with her. You can see the bookshop, which is also registration and everyone's office, if we choose to go that way.

We must give points to Weston Kincade for the book store idea. He was helping the convention out at the beginning, and came up with the idea of a focal point where people could buy our books in one place, kept us from being tied down at tables and could move about.

If you didn't get your Girl Scout cookies the first time, there's a second! I do not know what troop this was, but they looked like they have more fun. Hint: Adventurefuls are very tasty.

Now this is Big Girl Little World, a cosplaying champion, and a really nice person. Actually, everyone here has been in a good mood, and happy the event is back.

I do not know who this girl is. The mask makes me think of Plague Doctors, but I'm not certain.

Again, not sure who they are, but they were cool.

Luke Skywalker meets the Federation! Very cool people.

The world famous Harp Twins! Brilliant musicians, and really nice folks.

The Wolfgang Twins join the sisters...they have been the hit of the convention.

That said, there were panels today, and more discussions, rather learning experiences for all of us than anything we might impart. The gratifying thing is to find people are buying your books, and they seem to actually get what I'm doing. Some of them anyway.

I have one more day tomorrow, and I'm up early for a panel. We'll catch the early risers.

Having fun, I am--Peace, Out.


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