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Cleveland Concoction (Wrap-Up), Superheroes, Strange Conversations, and A Busy Summer Coming...

A day or two late, but now I can put to bed this "wild" weekend of mayhem, music, books, and other odd happenings.

Cleveland Concoction #8 is in the books...the final day was a good one, and kind of a short one, I'd say but it worked out.

Now, let's get something out of the way...

I am not good at embedding, but certain things do just happen...and you can't account for them...

The lady in the fabulous Ms. Marvel costume is known as Mogchelle Cosplay--did not get to speak with her. Knightmage is of course this guy...

He definitely would play the character in the movie straight, and it would be better, yes? There was for me trying to get a certain amount of comfort back in these places, unsure of myself entirely, but it began to come back for me.

I would not say we all partied like rock stars; since I didn't stay in the big hotel, I don't know what people got up to. But, I had an early morning panel...the 10 am thing on a Sunday can be done believe it or not...

That's Evan Graham, Marie Vibbert, Weston Kincade and a surprisingly awake me. No, I'm not drunk, really I'm not.

Good discussions all weekend, and honestly, there's been some amazing give and take, on how to handle situations, the writing life, and you learn. You have to also sit in on the other discussions, too.

Hanging in the book shop is okay, too--some of us are not social animals, and I am working on the new book...or one of them.

Anyway, the cut came at about 2 pm as the tables were clearing and some of us had a long ride home. It worked out, and I had a long but reasonable ride home.


What the fuck, people? I realize you have to give a shit-ton of money to PennDOT, but that should be over soon.

Here is the deal: my EZ Pass reloaded on the trip west, which I expected. Waze when I set course for home gave me two options:

1--the Ohio Pike east for a few miles ($2.75 toll), then onto I-80 for the perilous ride through much of the Northern Tier, then down through the midstate to the Burg.

2--the Ohio Pike into PA and a straight shot to the Burg: $73.75 FOR THE TOLL.


Okay, that choice is simple. Anyway, eastern Ohio and northern PA look pretty much the same. Lots of trees, lots of rural spots, and a detour through Trump Country, where signs that rudely spell out (roughly) that their boy "won."

Cue banjos.

What-fucking-ever. I had a good look at the rural areas in the broad daylight, figured out that I'm getting too old for these long trips, and made it back alive.

So back I are a coming up, and I'll be booking those and keeping you all up to date.

CleCon was a blast, thank you all again--see you , same time next year!

Peace, Out.


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