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"Excuse us for the news, you might not be amused..."

Thanks to Public Enemy for the, yeah.

My friend Anne posted this up the other day, and it's made the rounds of the Internet. I know of her health issues, and needless to say those of us "essential" workers would like to just call for some folks for a little consideration and respect.

I'm not asking for myself. It's been 4-1/2 months since the outbreak began (the date is open to conjecture), and from my perspective, I still don't think a lot of folks get it yet.

I have no doubt of the stir crazy feelings so many of you are going through. I've watched enough videos, seen enough pictures, and heard enough to know it isn't fun. Well, it's not much fun for those who have to go out in it, and try to keep some sort of life going.

It is not just the money. It's the calling we have, to do the things we do, and because we're counted on.

I watched a silent world slowly come back in recent weeks, but not the same for sure. Buildings remain empty, some people are socially distancing and some are still masking up, as I do.

Notice that word? SOME.

What the fuck, people?

I see too much of it: people walking around without masks, people hanging out in big groups, no masks, partying, going hiking, camping, doing stuff. That's cool, but you're doing it wrong!

Sorry, but I see it that way. I don't want my friends to get sick. I don't want their kids to get sick. I don't want any of you to fucking die.

A little bit of discomfort (wahwahwah, my mask, I can' breathe). A little responsibility (it's my right not to wear a mask, I'm a victim, wahwahwah). A little reality (wahwahwah, it's a hoax, it's fake news, it's just a cold, they're doing this to make Trump look bad).

Yeah, right. Millions of cases, and thousands of deaths worldwide, oh yeah, this is a hoax alright.

Grow the fuck up.

You can handle doing your own cooking a little longer, folks. You can go for a run, a hike, camping, on your own, right? You can watch the concert online. You can watch more shit on Hulu for a bit longer.

Think this way: a little solitude isn't going to hurt, is it? We made it this far. Yes, our economy is in the shitter, and the people voted in are making it worse.

Forcing people back to work (in jobs that may not be there), how dare the grubbers of the earth get unemployment, how dare they ask for help, how dare they not serve we, the corporate masters, how dare they plead not to be thrown out onto the street, how dare they!

I really hoped that we as a people might learn to come together. And some of us have--some of us have shown incredible compassion. The people who look out for their neighbors, set up food runs, soup kitchens, do benefits to raise money, give if they can. Yes, these are damned valid things. Much respect to those who have tried to make fucking difference.

And the rest of you? Think. You proclaim "common sense" all the time, but never exercise it. You claim you are so smart, so righteous, so perfect, so tough, and you can't handle a mask. You can't handle not having your favorite restaurant to go to, so you can bitch out the server because your meal wasn't made just right for you. You can't handle that football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and whatever else is on inside a bubble, and you can't be there.

So yeah...this is not going to get better. We have to deal, and we have to help out, and we have to demand better.

Times like these are for when our wealth and resource must go to all those in need, not just a few. I could care less if our economy shit the bed again, as along as I knew we were trying our best to right the ship by feeding, healing, and helping.

We have so many issues we've left to the side, pretended don't exist, and just sigh, and go, "Never mind," and return to your regularly scheduled distraction.

The violence in the streets is capitalized on by those who want this madness, because they actually think the ones in power are on their side. They perpetuate it, start most of it, and continue it. They get the police protection, a wink and a nod, and then it's all out assault on the mothers, the blacks, the young people, those who risk their lives to stand up and say, "No more of this!"

I'm not at the point yet, where I say, "I hope you assholes all get sick." No. I don't want that. I just want all those who think they've been inconvenienced a little to suck it up. You tell everyone else to, but you can't.

This is where we are. We're not done yet, but we've been stretched. The essential workers are fighting to keep the lights on, the services going, keeping you fed, trying to protect you, and assist you.

Give a little better tip. Thank someone honestly. Make eye contact, and let your eyes tell that server, that worker, that person who does what you take for granted know, that you do care. That you do get it, and you do give a shit.

Peace, Out.


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