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Perhaps it is now time...the Jar, the Ram, and Practice

I suppose I should attempt to look at several things at once, which does become my habit, and quite likely to my detriment. The scattered nature of time, how each of us views it, uses it, and chooses to spend said time is not often considered well.

I write on the night of turning of the wheel, Samhain, but while I am mindful of this time, I'm doing my best to de-clutter my thoughts, my wishes and desires. There is this gigantic "To-Do" list in the universe of my brain, and I think you would agree you might have one of your own.

So many things to do, to accomplish, to start, to finish, but which ones are important? Properly of requirement? Well, that is up to us; we have so many of "The Things" ahead and in our rear-view.

I'm reminded of friends who have more monumental tasks than I. Those, who must clear away the lives of people who have left us, and we do leave behind an awful lot, don't we? I'm well reminded of my mother's passing, and years, decades of stuff, things to sort, to see they reach those who must have them, etc.

My mother had a plan, and thought of everything, it would seem. I have nowhere near her foresight.

The real property I have is not what resides in this house, but more my writings. I've been looking at what I've published, what I've finished, but those never are, and what is coming.

Tonight, I was able to examine my home. Much more needs to be fixed, or merely replaced. In time, small steps. We must know that not all things can be done in a day, despite the demand we feel to do that.

We'll get there when we do. I'm not bothered for that.

Then again, I'm in a hurry, like we all are. So much to work through, to finish. I must hope for the longevity of my descendants and hope I have the stamina which they had to keep going, despite all the damage we cause ourselves.

So now, what it this little thing? A jar, you might say? Well, yes. Last week, I was interviewed by a man named Ken Stearns for "The Jar."

Ken is traveling about the land, interviewing people, engaging with them and getting them to draw one of 444 questions (a few per show), and one must answer them. Questions about life, our existence, but also about our hidden truths, especially the ones we keep from ourselves.

I do not know when this is coming out, but I'm going to be very interested in what I sound like, and what Ken left in and took out. We spoke nearly 2 hours--not much about my books, but that's fine. I had NO clue what would come, and that was a good thing.

I was granted a chance to speak to Ken, but also to myself, and for once talking to yourself in public was not seen as a bad thing.

There is the link. Now, what else?

The next book, of course. Yes, Shake Hands with the Devil is now out and available at Sunbury Press dot com, Amazon and any place you would like to support. Just ask. The wait is worth it.

I recall the days of ordering books, or music and that agonizing wait of 2, 3, 4 weeks for something to arrive. You'd forget, and the joy of the package arriving! Now, with Amazon, we get it in two days.

Where's the fun, I sometimes wonder? I feel we've lost the plot on that.

Oh, well this look back into the past is a place you must not live.

Yes, a lot in my mirror still looking at me--I know where they are, and all in good time.

What you ask, of Aki and the gang? Well, after the climactic end of this book, Aki and her family and friends get a little breather. I'm trying to do that for myself.

Wish I knew when/how. I lost one of my jobs this year, but one year, it went well, and I did all right. No shame. Baseball is over, so seasonal work is done for me. More time to write, to create, to be me?


But I'm working on that.

So yes...let us all take a moment to think again, to breathe, to rest a little, to do whatever it is we're supposed to do to keep our sanity. I'm going to try for that...and think a little more. Like I say, working on it.

Thank you, KD. I recently finished Jaya Prasada's book on her time with Siddhi Ma, who was the longtime right-hand of Neem Karoli Baba. It's quite a trip, on how one attaches to people of simple wants, to become an inspiration to so many more.

I reflected on this while giving a talk to a largely empty restaurant, regarding my books a couple weeks back. It allowed me to practice; and practice is not for perfection, but to get us closer. Practicing my reads, my thoughts, my expressions for when I have to do it before a big and less-forgiving crowd, a challenge.

Ram, repetition of the Name. That is what Baba taught as Ma wrote it down, time and again in her books. Not to show off, but practice. We're talking about practice here.

All we do is that, and I have to do it again. Back at it, as we've so much further to go.



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