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Splendid Isolation (thank you, Warren Zevon)

Well, has been a while, has it not? I hope you have made good use of your time indoors. I've found this period of COVID-19 to be one that is intriguing.

There is no point of going over what we already know: thousands of deaths, thousands more infected, and any hope of a vaccine against the killer is a distant hope.

We should call it what it is, a pandemic, despite the whining and complaining of some who are more interested in their own selves, lest we hurt their feelings. More on them later.

Now, I am lucky, if you can call it that. I'm an essential worker, so I do have to be out there, and needless to say when I am in contact with others, I see those people so differently now. It may surprise you, but I'm kind of not the touchy-feely person I once was.

Human contact was one something needed and craved, and yes, all humans do need it. As I grow older, I realize that is not required, at least not for me. I've seen that lessons learned some forty years ago are still worth their weight.

The pandemic brought home to most of the world that we are not superhuman; we can be taken down, and very quickly. Friends of mine across the world are confined to home, and have been for quite some time. One friend in Italy has confessed fear at going out...the enemy is invisible, but it travels with us.

Japan, I have now learned, has had to reinstate a confinement order. You would think we'd learn...oh, but we don't.

We turn to celebrity to make our lives a little more bearable; we live through them, many of us, even talk like we know them personally. When you see they do fall ill, and die, does it not shake them?

So many people in music, but in all other disciplines, have fallen, due to age, complications, but also because they too are human.


...wait, what the hell??! appears a lot of what I've written has vanished. How about that?

Peace, Out.


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