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The COVID Diaries: a Wrap-Up

Well, I think we can finally put a wrap on this quarantine thing. Today was the best day in over a week. Symptoms gone, I could finally speak without pain, and while things seems a little off, I’m pretty close to 100% again. Thankful, I am.

Considering what my fellow sufferers had to contend with, yes, I went through a bit of it. I am also reminded that people with more serious health issues, and other long-term problems have it way worse than me. One just gets through it.

But yes, finally I am off quarantine tomorrow, one last dose of the Paxlovid and we can take it away. I’ll still mask up, and I will not be spending too much time in public spots. Not worth trying, but it does appear this is out of me for now.

The thing this did, was showed me that working from home is do-able, despite a lack of certain gear, and no one seemed to have an issue with it. Good, now I can figure out all the other stuff I have to do.

Other than catching up, I have another series of interviews for the Brown Posey Press Show to do; a different set up, as I’ll speak to three authors separately for a new anthology of “Arkham Horror” works. Not usually my speed, but good.

Writing, or rather editing a couple of the new works. I’ve got a talk scheduled with my editor, plus a new cover artist, potentially. I’m hopeful.

For a lot of things. That said, also reading through my stack of stuff and more to do.

My interest in Japanese culture is part of my love of history, but also that many of my books are set in Japan. I came across a set of as-told-to stories about rural life, taken by Dr. Junichi Saga. “Memories of Silk and Straw” is from his home area, and the elderly, farmers, carters, former geisha and others discuss what things were like before motorized vehicles, when few people had the wherewithal to own a horse, and people’s leavings were collected and used for fertilizer.

I have a bunch more, but these are really instructive.

Anyway, more to do. I hope we can all stay safe and enjoy a little solitude away from the madness. I made it through these past several days rather well, but that is kind of how I am.

Thanks for reading. Peace, Out.


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