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The COVID Diaries, Day 3--Feelin'...Strange...

I'll make this one brief. Today was an improvement, but I do have some intriguing notes to pass along. The COVID monster is continuing to have fun at my expense, but I hope I've bored it enough to get out of here after tomorrow.

The main thing is I still feel some kind of glandular thing in my throat, but it's getting better. Colds always go there and wreak havoc on my voice, and I've had the lovely feeling of having a potato in my neck when I'm trying to speak, and swallow. Think Shin-Chan (Laura Bailey says doing his voice is like trying to swallow a potato). But better, finally, as my left side is almost better, and the right seems willing to follow.

Temperature fluctuations, much like a cold or flu, a little hot, cold, but not too bad. I am getting one strange thing: a certain numbness in my feet if I sit still too long. Actually I can do that, believe it or not--while working, in one position it starts to feel creepy. Not like falling asleep and I can stand and get about but I wonder if that's something.

It's still tiring. Really feeling knocked about by this, and I hope by Saturday I can go out again. I see no reason why not, but I need to check in with the CDC or my doc and figure out if I can. I think I have to retest or some such thing.

Pretty interesting time, i'll say that.

On other notes of interest:

Three, Two, and One! There they are, the three volumes of the Sweet Dreams Series. I've been doing a little promoting on social media of my earlier works, and these are next. I'd appreciate someone taking a little gander over there, and seeing if something takes your Books page will tell you everything.

Some good news: has enacted some new shipping policies which will make your buying experience faster and better. Lots of new stuff, and something new of mine soon I hope.

Having a talk with my editor soon...the new work is something to consider, but it feels good. In fact, a series of works in recent years need to come out. I feel like I'm finally hitting a good stride with my style after all these years.

More to come, right now, I'm going to have a little celebration of doing all my news work all week from home and turned in on deadline the weekly Roundtable with stone knives and bearskins--that's how good I am.

Heh, yeah right.

Peace, Out.


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