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The Sweet Dreams Series, the View From the Front Porch, and Other Sleep-Deprived Ramblings...

Yes, it appears I have arrived in Maine once more for a long overdue vacation. A long drive from Pennsylvania through the night, and as usual, us New Englanders were already up and at 'em...this is where I am right now...

Not trying to make you jelly, now...but this is just the front porch. My sister Susan and bro-in-law Rob know how to live, but as we know, this is a job and a half.

The hideous weather has hopefully passed us by. Right now, it's cool, breezy and I'm enjoying an iced tea as I prepare to get down to vacation business.

The train bell is clanging...Amtrak has finally made its way to Freepstown. I watch the Downeaster roll by just far enough away from spitting on it. And LL Bean is a little further up the street, along with Mangy Moose (Joe Duley got the biggest kick outta that place), and Mexicali Blues...

Forgive me, but after seeing vacation videos, photos and boasts about many things this summer, it's time for me to do a little as well. Of course, being in Maine in the summer means you must try hard not to act like one of the "Summer Complaints." My old friend John MacDonald can tell you about those. The other pastime, as Tim Sample would say, "swattin' black flies."

My time away this week is not without enterprise. Tonight I begin shameless promotion of my latest book, "Searching for Roy Buchanan."

Available at of course.

But I begin this evening, when I return to community radio, in Portland, as a guest on Christopher White's program, "Let's Talk."

My aforementioned friend and former XM colleague Joe intro'd me to Christopher, and he's been very kind about having me on the show. We talk tonight at 7:30 Eastern.

Then Tuesday morning, I'll be here:

This radio station is a great story. 21 years ago, I was managing and news director at WJTO-AM 730 in Bath. At AM 900 on the dial was a station that had turned into a repeater for a sports station in Portland. Not much with it.

It ended up in the hands of a former reporter who "retired" to Maine, took over the signal, and is doing a local/community thing of his own! Jim Bleikamp once interviewed me for a job, which sadly I didn't get.

Would not have minded being at Fort Andross to broadcast, and walking up the street to the Bohemian Coffeehouse for some HIGHLANDER GROGG.

It's COFFEE, people.

So there's that...and then I go back to Portland and WMPG Tuesday evening for "Jump Time."

DJPJ is letting me join him again, so why not? Pete is a good friend from Rocky Horror days, so I'll be doing that. His storehouse of music from the jump/swing eras is damned impressive.

Now...what is up with the book thing? I must tell you that, too:

I'm honored to be part of the 15th annual book fair in Boothbay Harbor. I'll have "Searching..." and my other titles available for you to peruse, and hopefully take with for that summer reading thing.

Beyond that...I really do need the time to edit. I've pretty much got the sequel to "Searching..." ready, with the title "Call it Love." The third, that's the one I'm working now, and it's gonna take a while.

Too many ideas, new ideas, and revisiting old ones right now.

I'm also feeling my age. I have to get a few things in hand, but also some time to not think about the radio business, because there's a lot of that waiting for me.

We must also rethink the brand...I need to expand, and get more of my possibilities on the site, and before you. Just need to bloody do it.

Anyway, here's where I am. Think I shall enjoy this now.

Peace, Out. More Reports from the Road on the way...


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