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Although radio has been my lifelong career, Writing and Music are my life and I've been scribing and strumming ever since I could do either. 

My genre bending, stories, music and visions are often media blends. I hope you find interest in coming along on my imagination's sometimes unexpected journeys.


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Yes, big seventh book, "How the Story Ends" has been released on Sunbury Press Books! A work of fiction, Jhana takes us back home in a story of introspection, recollection, and a look at the inevitability of change. 

Jhana will find out, if you can indeed go home again...get it now here and soon on all online platforms. Also, order at your local bookstore or through

The Sweet Dreams Series rolls on...


Aki Sato is back...













But all is not well in Aki's world. After reaching the peak of success, Aki seems to have it all, and then she, and Kiya suddenly disappear. An unknown force in the Amida has blocked Aki from returning through the tesseract, the portal of time and space, and Kiya is missing. 


Obsessed, Aki must risk everything to retrieve Kiya, aided by unexpected allies in The Black Watch. Meanwhile, Kiya is trapped in 1960's Detroit and sails the Great Lakes, waiting for Aki to rescue her...if she can.

The last battleground for Aki awaits in Shake Hands with the Devil.

Get started on the Sweet Dreams Series here!!!

Searching for Roy Buchanan, Book 1 in the series introduces us to Aki Sato, a Japanese teenager with the ability to time travel, but not how to use it. Without her mother, from whom she inherited the Amida, Aki must keep this part of her secret.

A chance meeting with a strange, retired blues musician introduced Aki and her brothers Kenji and Hiro to music they knew nothing about. Burning with curiosity, Aki leads a series of misadventures back in time, to meet legends and those unknown. As they heal from their parents' loss, all three realize the power of the blues.

Searching... also achieved Finalist/First in Category nomination for the 2020 Dante Rossetti Award for Young Adult Fiction! Searching... was also a Nominee for Best Characters from the prestigious Red City Review Awards, 2020

Buy "Searching for Roy Buchanan" Here!

Book 2 of the series, Call it Love finds Aki growing up, and realizing her powers cannot help her when beset with real-world trouble. The music returns to inspire Aki, as she and Hiro are joined by a cast of new bandmates, including the talented pianist Kiya, and Zendo, a teacher who seems rather back in time, and facing one's issues, Aki and Kiya forge their own bond and move forward, as they discover the healing power of music.

Buy "Call it Love" Here!

ALSO: if you can, please order my books from your favorite local bookshop! Support of the local, unaffiliated shops is crucial. Your local bookseller should be able to place orders, and you can support your favorite through, at

Searching for Roy Buchanan, a sci-fi novel by Tory Gates
Live From the Cafe, a novel by Tory Gates
A Moment in the Sun, a sci-fi novel by Tory Gates
Parasite Girls, a novel on a Japanese social issue, by Tory Gates
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