TBD, 2022

You can never plan everything out, but needless to say, I will be looking for new venues and events to appear, to offer you my works, and to get them into your hands! Please check back here from time to time, thanks!


"Medical Matters Podcast" In my radio career, you wear numerous hats. One of mine has been behind the board, as a producer for talk, public affairs and sports programs. For several years, I was one of the producers of "Medical Matters," a live talk show where medical news, trends and questions were handled in plain language. Now, Dr. Peter Brier and Nurse Practitioner Kelly McCormack bring you a weekly podcast on current and vital medical issues. New casts drop every Friday at 10 am Eastern--all for download here! https://www.buzzsprout.com/1914209/episodes

The BookSpeak Network

Since 2018, Sunbury Press Books has brought you the #BookSpeakNetwork where we offer interviews with our authors, insights into the publishing business and on the writer's life.

We have changed the format and production style of the show--our podcasts remain as informative and entertaining as ever, with new twists.

Our founder and publisher, Lawrence Knorr hosts the Sunbury Press Books Show, with authors on our main imprint. Lawrence also joins Joseph Farrell and Joe Farley for a "History Through Biography" podcast, which discusses the lives and careers of figures with pivotal roles in US history, many of whom you might not know.

Sherry Knowlton hosts Milford House Mysteries, about the mystery and thriller genre, and we soon will welcome Brian Koscienski for a program of random literary madness!


And what do I do? The Brown Posey Press Show!


The BPP Show is devoted to authors on the Brown Posey imprint, but also to independent and self-published authors.

Programs are at the link below. My show is laid-back and fun! 
It's writers talking about their books, the writing life and the challenges we all face.



DJ`Riff on Radio Airwaves

Since May 2012, I've been DJ`Riff, purveyor of blues, new music and interviews,
and knowledgeable music commentary on the eclectic London-based station:

Radio Airwaves. My show, "The Music Club" airs Fridays, 3-6 pm EST. 
Click the Listen button at:



To hear Tory's radio tracks and Blues interviews, find music news, book excerpts & more cool stuff, go to: