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I'm doing it...I'm joining NaNoWriMo...

All right!

Yeah, I'm doing it! Like right now is the worst fucking time to be doing this, but I'm doing it!

I'm joining the NaNoWriMo Revolution.

It's been a busy year, but I live off that. I'm still flogging "A Moment in the Sun," in the hopes that we will still be able to keep the spirit of Rei and her friends alive. The next novel, "Live from the Cafe" will be out on Sunbury Press Books in 2017.

While I'm waiting for the proofers, I have two more novels burning holes in my already Swiss Cheese brain. I've decided to join the contest, and put energies toward a story that isn't even fully formed, but I have the bones of it.

You can track my progress here. This doesn't start officially until November 1st, my birthday, so I'll start writing then, within the rules, and get at it.

The new story will be "Ridgetop." You can read a little more about it there.

The story is Young Adult Fiction, set in Northern California, but is going to have a lot of recollections from my home state Vermont. I'm juxtaposing, because I bloody well can.

My protagonist is Jenna, a NoCal hippie chick who has a strange, spiritual connection to Ridgetop, the name of the mountainous property owned by her family. Unspoiled, and right above the suburbia Jenna can't stand, but has to contend with.

We'll see her friends living "in the real world," (ha!), their interactions, drives, desires, but mostly through Jenna's eyes. There too is the strange houseguest, the mysterious Vesta.

In a world of helicopter parents, test-score madness, and materialism, something else thrives...these aren't a bunch of Millennials or hipsters, this is something other. A better world, maybe?

And just what is the connection to Ridgetop? What does Jenna know about it that even her parents don't know?

Intrigued? Hope so.

Doing this is a way to really get a new work done, and also get some looks-in, and possible help.

I hope you will join me on my twisted, deranged journey. I'm sure I'm going to be out of my freaking mind the next month, but when am I not?

Let the fun begin!

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