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Harrisburg Comic & Pop Con Wrap, and Other Things

Well, time for a quick wrapup of the Comic Con. The Four State Comic Con is in fact two, one in Hagerstown, MD in the spring, and the one just finished, at the new home in Harrisburg, PA, The Farm Show Complex.

As I live right over the bridge, it's an effort worth making, and also a lot of my friends go to both. I'll be doing a photo dump here.

The history includes the con having been in a mall in another part of the city, which is slowly being converted, if the zoning goes through. It's next to Dick's Sporting Goods, and that plus a vendor, 2nd & Harris will remain the other anchor.

Anyway, less said about that experience the better, I think most would agree.

The Farm Show is best known for just that: farm stuff, and lots of it. The largest ag show in PA includes all you'd imagine, cattle, horses, all other animals, judging, dancing, tractor square dancing...yes...tractor square dancing.

And of course, FOOD! The milkshakes are to die for. Ke$ha's diner can't beat them.

Now think about what I was saying. The complex also hosts a soccer team, political rallies, gun shows, truck shows, all kinds of shows and events. My old friend Wynott has performed there with his drum corps. "We call it 'THE COW PALACE'."

He would be right.

On with the visuals!

We begin with the badge, of course...

Jurassic Park is here (Capitol Police were doing their own display, they were NOT guarding the Jeep)!

Ghostbusters! Cool people.

Brian Koscienski and the Novel Guys' latest book! Got everyone's attention.

Wanna Play...? Interesting game.

Cosplayers! This is why we go here...

Cool stuff.

I am not sure which Furry this is.

The furry was traveling with this guy.

Characters from that book.

We have more gaming!

This lady had one of the best costumes.

Nice people. Again, not sure what they are cosplaying, but cool.

These little figurines are sold all over the place. Stephen King has one! I want the one of the Wasp, which I could not find.

Shout out to a great charity!

Darth Maul was here. Wonder if he ran into the Mandalorian who was prowling around. Vader was also here, along with a Baby Yoda. Yes.

I am not sure what this is, but they offered spinarama videos.

My table to the left (Grace), and two friends...


Let's say, a great time was had, a lot of cool people.

The results? Urg. Competition, lots of vendors, lots of artists, lots of people going for that stuff.

I'll do it again next year. Give the new home a second chance. Also wonderful to see my friends and fellows, Brian Koscienski, Christine Czachur, Olivia Berrier, Brandon Colyer, RA Fischer and others. Thanks to Bill and Theresa Peschel for dropping by.

I'm beat. Back to work I go...and yes, I have to get back to the books and the marketing and more things to prepare if I'm going to keep doing this right.

Thanks to everyone at Four Con, we'll do it again. Next, Oct. 7, I will be at the Chocolatetown Bookfest. After that, we'll see.

Peace, Out.


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