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This is already quite the weekend...

Well, let's see...Day 1 of Sci-Fi Valley Con was the first of three days of most intriguing fun. As we all know, a lot of sitting around, displaying your wares and hoping to make some sales.

I came into this not expecting to sell much, but I was told Friday is the slower day. While most of the TV and other stars were downstairs, I was upstairs in the big room, checking out the product, and watching a lot of activity.

I was most happy to run into my old friend and fellow author Olivia was her idea for me to come to these things...

I got her to sit still for a second...I also got to meet my Instagram/Twitter friend, Invader Gaya...

Really nice person, and a unique art style. Yes, old guys like me do have online friends, and it was nice to meet Gaya and her family. Cool people.

All kinds of creatures appear at a con...


I'm not sure who these young ladies were supposed to be, but their costumes were well done...

This fellow was in a wheelchair, and participating in some kind of challenge quest...

Best costume of the day!

Not sure, but nice...

Want to say Harry Potter, but the uniforms are not right...

Hello again...

Beaker stopped at the table next to mine, he knew the people there. He said Bunsen wouldn't come with him this year...

Something Disney, right...?

Very cute.

Gothic Lolita, kinda sorta...

Yes, Daphne and me are lesbians...what of it?

Does this give you an idea? Well, there was a lot of talking amongst the tribes, showing off of one another's stuff, and the crowd that was let in was pretty solid.

I also had some interesting talks about writing, about music, about the business of all this.

Then I got an interesting text from a guy named Keith Eldred. Keith and I went to middle and high school together, or up through my freshman year. I knew in recent years he too was involved in writing...I also knew he was in PA, but I was not sure where.

Well, it's Altoona, how about that?

I think 39+ years...since we saw each other. We look nothing like we used to, now do we?

So we caught up, talked music, books, all that. Keith is probably the first person from that traumatic period of my life that I have seen or spoken with in probably 25 years. The magic of social media has brought people back to one another's consciousness.

Thankfully, little talk of the good ol' days...too much of that. There is now, and there's what's coming.

Well, I have to say this was really very cool, for the first day. I don't expect to sell much, but that's not the point. I was asked by one of my bosses, after seeing some of the interesting characters, was I the normal one here?

No. They were the normies.

Day 1 was a lot of fun; and there will be more fans tomorrow. My next report from the road will follow...mostly so you know I'm still alive and eventually will return.

Wish I didn't have to. Making a living selling my shit would be fun, but not just yet.

Peace, Out.

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