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The Maine Thing, Book Updates, and Other Stuff...

Well, it's Friday and I'm wrapping up my "vacation" week in Maine. My view from the front porch hasn't changed very much so far. The weather has cooperated, and I've largely enjoyed myself.

Let's take a look around this lovely home my sister and bro-in-law least the outside:

Bit of the floral and other gardens, all over the place here...Susan and Rob do incredible work, and it is a daily job to keep things weeded, watered, harvested, and creating more things to do with the space that's open!

But I am not without enterprise myself. This week, I did some traveling about to varied haunts to prepare for this Saturday's book signing at Boothbay's Railway Village.

The book fair is in its 15th year, and is put on by the Memorial Library, and helped by a local chain, Sherman's. I'm not sure where in the yard we're going to be, but thankfully it will not be in the harbor itself.

If you've never been there, Boothbay Harbor is a nest of very tiny roads down to the waterline, and with numerous shops and other attractions.

Cue obligatory shot of the docks.

This actually is the spot where we used to take the Argo boat trips from, and would go about the waterways and see various points of interest, such as Margaret Hamlton's island home, the (no longer there) abandoned schooners on the Kennebec in Wiscasset, and past Popham Beach, where we stayed every summer for years.

So Saturday, all should be in readiness for my appearance with other fellow authors at the big doings:

Should be fun...meanwhile during the week, I also headed down to Portland for a couple of appearances on WMPG Radio. USM's station, but it is a true community spot, with a lot of great, diverse and interesting shows. On Monday night, Christopher White had me on "Let's Talk," to discuss "Searching for Roy Buchanan," and my upcoming works:

That should take you to the page, and the show link is for July 22, down below. The next night, I was back to guest on DJPJ's "Jump Time."

Our man Pete. Great station; I would love to do a show on this if I lived up here.

I also dropped in at WJTO in Bath to see Bob Bittner, and his wife Raisa. Bob is longtime former boss, and it's always good to catch up. In addition, I dropped in at WCME-AM 900 in Brunswick for an interview with Jim Bleikamp.

Must also mention seeing two brothers from my Saint Joseph's days. Patrick and Diarmaid O'Donoghue have opened a pub bearing their name in Brunswick, and I popped in to say hello. They were surprised.

We got caught up after 30 years or so...the pub is a nice place, right on the road into Brunswick. A work in progress, they say, and that's cool. I liked what I saw; comfortable, welcoming, all good. I wish my friends all the best.

I might be reading there next year...;-)

Will say this, Maine remains a place I would gladly return to, but I've learned that while the coast has its attractions, we must remember that with the people comes traffic.

These roads aren't fit to handle it, and cannot really be made wider. Route 1 in Wiscasset and Boothbay is a mess. In fact, Wiscasset is celebrating the Orange Barrell Festival, pretty much year round.

Think about it.

So the writing update: in recent weeks, I have been rewriting the sequel to "Searching..." which is to be known as "Call it Love." No teaser, it just moves ahead several months, and we find out more about Aki's personal life, her getting a grip on her powers, and seeing where the music takes them. Two new characters will help drive the storyline.

And...the third.

I began writing the Sweet Dreams Series in 2007, and honestly, I pounded out five volumes, one after the other! Then I later wrote a compendium of stories. The third book had not been touched in six years, but I knew I had a monumental task of fixing it...a lot.

Well, it's come together well for a rewrite, but more needs to be done. The third book is pivotal to Aki, to her abilities, and in this Aki must make a decision...

I'm leaving it there.

I've enjoyed my time up here, spent a lot of it on Susan and Rob's front porch or at the local Morebucks. I'm back to the radio wars next week on 100.1 WQIC, the morning show no less. And all the other stuff I do.

The fair should be fun, and then back to PA...I don't really want to leave, but I've got a lot of years before I can retire.

If ever. Peace, Out.


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